A productive year of writing about creativity, brand building, graphic design and healthcare communication.

Graph goes swoosh
  • 30 December 2018 : Pica #043

Does Advertising Work?

99% of those who work in finance do not understand advertising - a flaw that negatively impacts their investment decisions regarding consumer brands.

  • 16 December 2018 : Pica #042

Technostalgia and Upgrade-rage.

My nostalgia for the feeling of marvel and excitement at unwrapping a cool piece of tech, co-exists with a desire for my tech to stop evolving uselessly, tripping up my routines without adding any value.

The tyrany of the KPI
  • 03 December 2018 : Pica #041

What you measure affects what you do.

The overall impact of a business must be properly measured for a corporation to be properly valued.

Best-off compilation of images from previous Picas
  • 10 November 2018 : Pica #040

Contented with my content.

Twenty-four months have passed since I wrote Pica #zero, what benefits have I seen from regularly composing essays?

A frame from a video by Zulu Alpha Kilo
  • 04 November 2018 : Pica #039

The data doesn't support that.

“The world's worst RFP”, a new video from Zulu Alpha Kilo, takes a satirical look at the current state of the agency selection process.

Pretty burger, ugly burger.
  • 15 October 2018 : Pica #038

Mind the gap.

The gap between brand promise and brand experience, in the U.S. alone, costs brands between $460 million and $860 million in annual revenue.

Sun behind clouds
  • 08 October 2018 : Pica #037

Loyalty is dead, long live loyalty.

Marketing appropriated the word loyalty for incentive schemes but true brand loyalty is a very different and special thing. Loyalty can’t be bought, it must be inspired.

Blister pack of pills
  • 05 September 2018 : Pica #036

The big future of healthcare is disease prevention. Part 2.

Economic incentives in healthcare should change to link industry revenue to disease prevention and outcomes, instead of drug sales.

Blister pack of pills
  • 28 August 2018 : Pica #035

The big future of healthcare is disease prevention. Part 1.

The next big thing in healthcare will be disease prevention but can pharma companies deliver it?

Burberry destyle
  • 03 August 2018 : Pica #034

A knight and a knave.

The Burberry brand has received a major redesign, that destroys its heritage.

Victor Hugo and kittens
  • 22 July 2018 : Pica #033

Does Victor Hugo follow cute kitten memes?

Machine learning and behavioural data make a powerful yet ambiguous combination.

Hot dog water hoax.
  • 29 June 2018 : Pica #032

Hõt Dõg Water™

How dysfunctional can the marketing of functional foods be?

Point of sale mediocrity
  • 20 June 2018 : Pica #031

The eye exam.

Design is not a detail and great design requires attention to detail.

One pretty button in a sea of dull
  • 30 May 2018 : Pica #030

GDPR all sewn up.

My tailor handled GDPR better than any big brand.

Sleep to recharge
  • 19 May 2018 : Pica #029

“I'm (Not) Only Sleeping.”

Research shows that, if they aren’t rested, humans are rubbish at divergent thinking.

It's raining bombs
  • 03 May 2018 : Pica #028

“We begin bombing in five minutes.”

When the truth is out, don’t deny it. Own it.

Broken 'Likes'
  • 19 April 2018 : Pica #027

What Facebook should do next.

Balancing the right to speak and the need to control divisive content is a bigger issue for Facebook than the current data scandal, resolving it will require an ambitious approach.

Beat Poet Rehash
  • 1 April 2018 : Pica #026


With sincere apologies to Allen Ginsberg, a satirical revisitation of the first verses of Howl.

Times square billboard creativity by Peter Comber for 'March For Our Lives'.
  • 26 March 2018 : Pica #025

AdAge put my concept on a Times Square billboard.

When AdAge asked the advertising and creative community to come up with ideas to support “March For Our Lives” I was among the many who responded.

The hunter smells blood
  • 14 March 2018 : Pica #024

The wolves and the vultures.

Hedge funds bet big against major advertising companies but maybe the worst is past.

Alpha lizard
  • 28 February 2018 : Pica #023

Disruptor Rex.

A story of mice and men who moved too fast and broke too many things.

The professional masks we wear.
  • 12 February 2018 : Pica #022

Lies, lies, lies.

Everybody lies, to themselves and to others. Creativity can help uncover hidden truths.

Butting heads
  • 16 January 2018 : Pica #021

Corporate culture: the frenemy within.

A survey from The Economist Intelligence Unit, investigating the tension between strategy and culture, highlights the common incidence of issues that co-creation can resolve.

Milkshake Duck
  • 1 January 2018 : Pica #020

Don’t be a Milkshake Duck.

The key to survival in 2018: integrity and trust.