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11 April 2020 : Pica #070

Mind the Gap.

I have created a new subject for the UN Open Brief on Covid-19. This time I responded to the ‘physical distancing’ brief.

Keep at least 2 metres from others when outdoors to reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus.

The following is a statement from the United Nations. “We thank all who have come forward in solidarity to share their talent, assets and platforms to strengthen our response to this pandemic. Given the overwhelmingly positive response, we have migrated the BRIEF to the Talenthouse platform for submissions.” I’m glad that the response has been robust. But like the pandemic, this isn’t over - there is still time for you to make your contribution or to submit another idea if you have already responded. So I invite you to head over to the page linked below and get inspired.

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Counting the forces of Collaborative Creativity.
Creativity is more than just a process for producing new ideas and Collaborative Creativity is a methodology that recognises creativities many other effects and advantages.
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The importance of sharing.
I am now the author of a soon to be published business book, because sharing what we know and believe is important.
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The ambitions of Creative Commitment.
I witnessed the live presentation of the Creative Effectiveness ladder and oh, what a beautifully quixotic thing it is.
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