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29 March 2020 : Pica #069

WHO Myth-busters.

On March 27th, for the first time, the UN launched an Open Brief to creatives to help spread public health messages with six ‘mini-briefs’. I chose to work on the ‘Myth busting’ brief.

Coronavirus infects
people of all ages.

"Our greatest enemy right now is not the virus itself, it's fear, rumours and stigma," - Dr Tedros, WHO Chief.

Fear and misinformation are two of the biggest challenges we must overcome. We cannot allow them to go viral. Misinformation continues to spread, including incorrect advice, conspiracy theories and inflammatory claims which discriminate against certain groups of people.
There is a lot of false information around. These are the facts.

Check the facts on the WHO website >>>

The above is an extract from the UN’s first-ever "open brief to creatives everywhere” which aims to support the World Health Organization’s global health response to Covid-19 through highlighting public-health measures, preventing the spread of misinformation and communicating with regions that can still avoid or minimise an outbreak.
If you which to participate, you can access the briefing document here >>>

On this page are the 14 subjects I created (in both English and Italian) in response to the brief and that I have submitted to the UN.

Cold weather doesn't kill Coronavirus. Covid-19. Coronavirus remains contagious in hot and humid weather.

Coronavirus is not transmitted by dogs, cats or mosquito bites. Covid-19. Hot baths do not prevent Coronavirus.

Coronavirus is not killed by hand dryers. Covid-19. Do not try to use ultraviolet light to sterilize your body.

Thermal scanners detect only a fever not Coronavirus. Covid-19. If you are infected, applying alcohol or chlorine to your skin won’t eliminate it.

Pneumonia vaccines do not work against Coronavirus. Covid-19. Eating garlic offers no protection from Coronavirus.

Coronavirus doesn’t care if you rinse your nose with saline. Covid-19. Antibiotics only kill bacteria, they can’t kill Coronavirus.

For now, no drugs have been created to prevent or treat Coronavirus..

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