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27 March 2017 : Pica #005

All together now!

Collaboration, co-ordination by co-creation.

An exercise in customer-centric, multi-function planning in a deeply siloed organization - through co-creation.

The following is the description of a recent assignment.
Atstrat was engaged by a multinational pharmaceutical company (confidentiality prevents me from providing specific details about the client and the project) to assist in resolving a series of problems for one of their business units, regarding a portfolio of treatments for a specific disease. The primary issue was that their clients (an assortment of healthcare professionals) were routinely contacted in a totally autonomous, uncoordinated way by the various functions of the business unit: marketing and sales, medical, market access, public affairs. The separation of these functions is, of course, necessary to meet regulatory requirements but in this case it went above and beyond with dysfunctional consequences.

Atstrat moderated a co-creation session that involved staff from the various functions of the business unit in a series of exercises devised to explore the strategic indications of the international headquarters in relationship to the diverse kinds of clients. The outcome was a shared understanding of the optimal role of each client segment in the realisation of the strategic goals. In a second session the same group tackled a new set of custom-made exercises that explored the role of each function in each client segment in relation to the strategic goals. This produced a delineation of areas of intervention for the functions in a customer-centric map that ensured a co-ordinated and efficient basis for the detailed activity planning of each function. The next co-creation session took place at the salesforce convention, where, using specially devised tools, the area salesforces were able to plan, in collaboration with the functions, how the proposed activities could come to life in their geographical region.

Co-creation rapidly transformed how the business unit interacted internally with a positive impact on it’s actions and effect on the market in relation to it’s strategic goals. I just wish I could tell you more.

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