Collaborative Creativity.

Collaborative Creativity Session Rules.

These rules are for Collaborative Creativity session participants. Because the scope of a session and the type of participants varies greatly I always fine-tune the rulesrules (both their tone and scope) to make them appropriate for the situation. However, this standard set of rules are a valid starting point.

Silence your critic
Your inner-critic has no power here, switch it off and let yourself experiment freely. Not all your ideas will be great but, if you don’t let them out you’ll never know if you have a good one. Also, don’t criticise others, it encourages their inner-critic to say, ‘I told you so.’

This is a free-thinking zone
Forget hierarchies and roles we are all just people here, each with their own experience. The output from today will be aggregated and anonymous, feel free to express yourself.

Focus on the activities
Except during breaks, keep your phone, tablet, computer, etc. switched-off. All you need in this session is your brain and for it to concentrate on the tasks.

If you don’t know what’s going on it’s not your fault
All the tasks have been carefully designed for this group of people - if a task isn’t clear, it’s because I [the moderator] haven’t explained it clearly. Just ask me (the moderator), and I’ll fix that.

Be punctual
Today, there are multiple tasks and round of presentations, use your time well and arrive on time where you need to be. It’s a form of respect towards the other participants and, also, it’ll make the day nicer.

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