Collaborative Creativity.

Endorsements for 'The Forces of Collaborative Creativity'.

  • Every pharma industry professional should read this book. It simply and clearly explains important business concepts.

Roberto Lorè - Vice President Commercial for Central Europe, BioMarin.

  • A very interesting book – a must-have for all professionals operating in life science and marketing with a clear and structured approach to solve real business problems. It is based on Collaborative Creativity: a flexible framework to increase ability to generate and execute meaningful ideas, through the empowerment of people – because the ability to understand and engage others is an awesome superpower.

Nicoletta Luppi - Senior Vice President and Managing Director MSD Italia.

  • The Forces of Collaborative Creativity is succinct without being spare. It is in-depth without being murky. It is practical without being uninspired. Truly a book to buy two of: one to keep fresh on the shelf to invite the conversation of others, and one to dogear the crap out of and rip out pages to tape to the walls.

Bruce Rooke - Director Pufferfish, first-ever recipient of the CLIO Healthcare Lifetime Achievement Award.

  • Collaborative Creativity provided us with insights that were unimaginable with traditional market research, to the point where, thanks to the depth of understanding of the experience of PKU patients, the company criteria and language of segmentation changed. Subsequently, we were able to share the results with specialist HCPs who welcomed the information on the opinions and needs of their patients and I am sure that they too regard their patients differently now.

Maria Teresa Lerco - General Manager, Orchard Therapeutics Italia.

  • I was privileged to work with Peter Comber as a colleague when he was the Creative Director for Europe at GSW Worldwide. Many of the concepts Peter describes in his book were incubated in that period and made more robust through practised implementation. Now they are proven processes that I have also adopted to manage my medical device business.

Philippe Deschamps - President and CEO Helius Medical Technologies and former CEO, GSW Worldwide.

  • The Forces of Collaborative Creativity certainly provides us with an innovative and multidimensional approach to many aspects of our professional needs. This new comprehensive approach perfectly meets the current needs of healthcare professionals, who are increasingly asked to take care of patients in a multidisciplinary manner and as part of a multiprofessional team To achieve this goal, the five forces reported in the book are of utmost importance. Moreover, as times and needs are changing, we have to learn to adopt new tools for monitoring and checking patients remotely; to do this creatively is mandatory. I found this book a very useful guide to change our way of thinking and working.

Professor Marcello Giovannini, MD - Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics, University of Milan.

  • The brilliance of The Forces of Collaborative Creativity is that it understands the essential catalysts of creativity and the true nature of organizations. Without collaboration, even the most creatively minded organizations wither on the vine. The Forces of Collaborative Creativity energizes and focuses organizations to surprise themselves and the world around them with elegant, powerful and engaging ideas.

Guy Mastrion - President and Chief Creative Officer of Brandforming and the F. William Harder Chair Professor of Business Administration at Skidmore College.

  • Collaborative Creativity goes beyond design thinking and market research, on a journey that will bring the reader to discover themselves as creative directors – able to manage their internal and external workshops with professional exercises tailor-made to fit specific requirements.

Marco Mohoric’ - Digital Medicines Customer Engagement Manager, Angelini Pharma.

  • This book offers a lot more than its title suggests. Peter’s unique methodology, developed over 30 years in healthcare communications, offers insights for every sector of business and society: how to design a framework for collaborative creativity to deliver effective outcomes through social and professional cohesion. Marketing, communications, project management and product innovation professionals have much to learn from his idiosyncratic but easy-to-follow approach.

Julian Boulding - President, the networkone.

  • A practical guide that challenges the orderly way pharma marketing is used to doing things - either when it embarks on launching a new product or when it reinvents a promotional campaign, repeating and improving what has been already done seems almost inevitable. The Forces of Collaborative Creativity vividly shows how we can all leverage our most valuable human assets to seek change in a self-propelling and sustainable fashion.

Rodrigo Fernandez-Baca - General Manager, Seattle Genetics, Italy.

  • ‘Creativity’ is an over-used word, but in The Forces of Collaborative Creativity, Peter Comber shows you the power it can have in fresh ways. His thoughtful, practical and exciting approach supercharges traditional creative processes by enabling and building on creative contributions from all the ‘owners’ of the problem to be solved – be they citizens, patients, marketers, agency teams, doctors or scientists. Reading this book made me really want to be part of one of the workshops run by Peter and his team!

Matthew Willcox - Founding Partner of The Business of Choice and prizewinning business book author.