Collaborative Creativity.

How you purchase my book matters to me.

Your actions have consequences - if, like me, you love browsing in bookshops please try to support them because otherwise, one day, they will all be gone.

Option 1: Buy/order a copy from a local bookshop.

Call, send an email or ask them next time you are in there browsing - your favourite bookshop will be happy to order my, or any other, book for you. If you live in the UK, you can buy online from Hive, where, after you’ve purchased from the site, you can choose a physical bookshop and Hive will give them a percentage of the sale.

Option 2: Buy direct from the publisher.

How does this help a bookshop? Well, if you ask me nicely, I can give you a discount code and I will trust you to spend the money you save in a physical bookshop.

Option 3: Buy online from a bookshop.

Businesses large and small sell books online, if that is what you prefer, go for it. Just beware that if you buy online from Waterstones, Barnes&Noble or Joe’s Happy Bookworm you may be giving your money to a bookshop business but you are not incentivising them to keep a physical shop open. Only foot traffic and live sales save bookshops.

Option 4: Buy online from the evil empire.

Today, it is impossible to launch a new book without making it available through the world’s most valuable company (I know because I asked my publisher). If you feel the need to give the richest man in the world even more money, the following links use geolocation to identify the appropriate Amazon store for where you are located.

The ebook is also available from a wide range of outlets including Apple, Google, Kobo, Nook, Scribd and more.

Other options.
Bulk Sales.

If you are interested in buying a copy for everyone in your company (nice move!) let me know how many copies you require (at least 20) and I'll get you a nice price.

Personalised Bulk Sales.

We can also print on demand personalised copies of the book. The personalisation could be a logo and a dedication on the first page or a preface written by the company president.

However you buy, if you buy, thank you!

A book is more an investment of time than money, so I do hope you get a good return from ‘The Forces of Collaborative Creativity’.
If you have any questions once you’ve finished with it, or would like to share your opinions on Collaborative Creativity, please write to me >