Master of applied creativity. Britalian. Adman.

Self-portrait by Peter John Comber

Hello, my name is Peter.
I am an expert in applied creativity, with more than thirty years of professional experience that also includes a deep understanding of qualitative research, strategic planning and international management. My best-selling book ‘The Forces of Collaborative Creativity’ a step-by-step guide describes the workshop method I use, the theory behind it and real-world examples of what it can achieve.
Born and raised in South East England, I have lived most of my life in Italy (I consider myself a Britalian). I’ve lived and worked for brief periods in various corners of the globe.
For decades I have invented advertising concepts, art directed brands, managed creative teams and brand communication on a global and local level. The last fifteen years I’ve been focused on the healthcare sector, my qualitative research work has been published in scientific journals and I’ve helped numerous pharmaceutical companies solve complex problems.